When Wookiees Attack

It’s hard to believe 2015 is coming to a close, and yet, it feels as though eons have transpired since my last post in October.  Where to start?!

October & November Races & Places in Numbers

  • 7: Business Trips
  • 5: #seenonmyrun Locales (Chicago, Boston, Vegas, Florida, Philly)
  • 4: Races
  • 2: Exciting Announcements
  • 1: Wookiee Attack

The first race of October was kind of an accident.  Pete and I headed down to Castle Rock with Colorado Runner to work the Rescue Run 5K.  I had no intention of running in it but when I saw the course profile (first mile up a steep climb to the top of a mesa and back down) I decided to jump in.

Start of the Rescue Run 5K

Start of the Rescue Run 5K

I had a blast!  No watch, no expectations, just enjoying the tough course and bumpy single track.  I was surprised to finish first for the females but happy I could push myself and still have fun.

I traveled to Chicago, Boca Raton, Philly and Boston in October.  Boston is easily becoming one of my favorite places to run.  Perhaps it’s the atmosphere or the historic, beautiful views, but I’ve made a vow to never visit that city without my running shoes!

#seenonmyrun along the Charles River Esplanade

#seenonmyrun along the Charles River Esplanade

Later in the month I signed up for the Monster Dash 10K with quite a bit of trepidation; I haven’t ran a 10K in over five years.  Plus, the race is in the afternoon and I’ve always found it difficult to prepare for those types.  When the gun went off, I found  myself in the lead and knew I had gone out too fast.

My first mile clicked away at 6:45.  I cursed myself as I knew I was digging my own grave.  I pulled the pace back and within the second mile was passed by the eventual winner.  As she passed I gasped my good tidings and she asked if I wanted to run with her.  What a gem! I told her she looked great and to keep going.  The course profile included several out-and-backs and we smiled at each other and exchanged well-wishes throughout the race.  She probably had no clue how much that helped and motivated me!

My second mile clicked away at 7:07, third at 7:01 and fourth at 7:17.  I was tired.  I was waiting for the wall to hit.  When I realized I only had two miles left, I decided to stop worrying and just run!

My fifth mile came in at 7:04 and the sixth at 6:59.  The final three-tenths of a mile were at 6:42 pace.  I couldn’t have been happier with my performance and was ecstatic to grab second female in the first 10K I’d run in years!

Monster Dash 10K - 43:40

Monster Dash 10K – 43:40

On Halloween I took part in a friend’s “Hilloween” event at Green Mountain.  The premise was simple: run repeats on the Jeep road with a group of friends in costume and see who can do the most in an hour.

Hilloween: 6 repeats for this poop emoji!

Hilloween: 6 repeats for this poop emoji!

November kicked off with the Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon in Highlands Ranch.  I did this race last year and knew it was going to be a lung burner!  It doesn’t boast an incredible amount of elevation gain and loss (1,137′ over 13.1 miles), but its climbs and descents aren’t easy by any means.

I went into the race with high hopes, but knew within the first 5K that I was going to have to re-calculate my plan.  My first three miles were all under 8-minute-per-mile pace and I was already feeling it.  I was disappointed.  Why was I struggling?  I pulled back the reigns and tried to get comfortable.  Fast-forward to about mile seven and enter the Wookiee attack.

When Wookiee's Attack

When Wookiee’s Attack

I hung on for the rest of the race and was happy to have bettered my time from last year by about ten minutes, but not so  happy with my overall performance.  I finished in 1:47:31, good for 19th female and 8th in my age group.

Work trips in November included Orlando, Vegas and Tampa.

#seenonmyrun in Orlando: green grass!

#seenonmyrun in Orlando: green grass!

Finally, for Thanksgiving, I took part in the Endurance House Turkey Day 5K with my brother and SIL.  It was snowy, it was cold, and it was less than ideal conditions.  I think the only reason I finished in 3rd for the ladies was because I was trying to run faster to get back to the warm car!

Endurance House Turkey Day 5K: 21:30

Endurance House Turkey Day 5K: 21:30

So, I’ve left you in suspense for the two exciting announcements I mentioned earlier (or you just scrolled to the bottom).  First off, I’m elated to have found out that I’m going to be an auntie again to a baby GIRL!


Second, I’m humbled, excited and really just pumped to have been accepted to the Runners Roost MUT (Mountain/Ultra/Trail) Race Team for 2016.


I’ll end with that, as I’m still plotting and planning on what’s to come next year.  Here’s to many, many things to be thankful for and a wonderful end to 2015!

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