Game Face is Back: Running for Rachael/Brain Booster 5K

Well, I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying that my “game face” is back – but I sure did have fun this morning running my little heart out at the Running for Rachael/Brain Booster 5K at the US Air Force Academy north of Colorado Springs.

First off, this run was for my Dad – who suffered a brain tumor back in 2003 and has been disabled ever since.  And it was also run in memory of Marissa A. – my best friend’s cousin who died of a brain tumor several years ago.

Fine print: In Honor of Dad & In Memory of Marissa.

For those of you who have never taken part in a race that supports a charity or cause near and dear to your heart: DO IT.  You’ll find yourself running for reasons you have possibly never thought of before.

I’ve taken part in a handful of races or events that have supported brain tumor research and awareness, and each one reminds me to keep a different perspective than just running or racing.  I couldn’t tell you the number of thoughts that cross my mind during a race in which I’m trying to run for others (nor do I really want to divulge those personal thoughts to all of you!), but trust me, it’s WELL worth it.

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