Downtime in Antigua & Training Commencement

This past month has been absolutely insane – and I haven’t even been training!  Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since my DNF in Phoenix and my subsequent decision (I like to say it was my decision, but it was rather forced to be honest) to take some time off from running and training.

Me - after my DNF, and Andy - after his 18-mile half marathon

Here’s some great advice for anyone that has an injury or a personally humiliating DNF at a race: go on vacation!  It’s quite difficult to be upset about a bad race when you’re heading to the tropical islands of Antigua just days later.

Mama Hodges and I set sail (okay, we really didn’t “set sail,” but that just sounds so much fancier than “boarded 3 airplanes within 24 hours”) for Antigua and arrived on January 22nd.  What an amazing trip!  It was all inclusive at the Sandals resort on Dickenson Bay, about 5k from St. John’s.

View from our hotel building

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