Did You Say Steak? Nope, I said Protein Shakes!

Since I can remember, I’ve always been athletic.  Whether it’s watching sports, taking part in sports, or chasing my big brother around, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for competition, physical activity and pushing myself.

Example – an anecdote: in the first few months of Pete and I dating we ventured out to Boulder to climb Mt. Sanitas.  As we began the short hike up to the summit there was a gigantic boulder – almost 2 stories high – that I immediately felt the need to climb up.  While Pete initially didn’t question my motives, I scrambled up to the top, took in the amazing view and then quickly came back down.  Pete asked me, and I quote, “was that fun?”  That question still eats at me today.  It was definitely a loaded question.  At the time I simply laughed, said, “ummm, YEAH,” and then proceeded to lead the hike up to the summit a bit quicker than he would have liked, heehee!

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