As I sit watching the end of the Rockies game, enjoying a glass of pinot noir and some Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Fro-Yo, I can’t help but breathe an enormous sigh of relief.  I made it!  It’s the night before I leave for Seattle and a week-long running adventure known as Running Trips Northwest.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, months really, and I actually contemplated not going on the trip because I’ve been so busy.  Let’s be honest though, I’ve been given the opportunity to experience the Northwest Running Trips Spring adventure in exchange for a feature written in Colorado Runner.  I mean, who would say NO to that?!  Plus, my fabulous sister-in-law Molly is coming too!

AMHO & MOHO – Bolder Boulder 2010

So check it out, Molly and I leave early tomorrow morning for Seattle.  Our trip guide, Jennifer, will be swooping us from the airport and taking us to explore the city.  We’ll stay in Seattle tomorrow night and then depart for the Olympic Peninsula by ferry on Sunday morning to begin our running adventure.  We’ll be running and exploring all over the Northwest, including the Olympic Peninsula, Whidbey Island and Orcas Island.

Running Trips Northwest – Olympic Peninsula, Whidbey Island & Orcas Island

Check out the itinerary below:

Day 1:  Arrive at Sea-Tac airport, van will take you to Edmonds hotel.  Call us to discuss activity options if you are arriving early in the day. Evening group meeting at a time to be determined based on everyone’s arrival, then dinner together at a local restaurant.

Day 2:  Ferry to Olympic Peninsula, go to Fort Flagler, Sequim and/or Port Angeles, possibly Hurricane Ridge area,  and Lake Crescent.  Night between Lake Crescent and Forks in a large cabin situated on a river.  Approximate run total: 14 miles

Day 3:  Farthest northwest point in the lower 48, Cape Flattery, Shi-Shi Beach, LaPush and Mora area beaches.  Night at the cabin again.  Approximate run total: 10 miles

Day 4:  Hoh rainforest, Port Townsend, Fort Worden.  Night in Port Townsend, on or near the historic fort in comfortable quarters.  Approximate run total: 10-12 miles

Day 5:  Boot camp exercises on the lawn of Fort Worden, then run to the lighthouse.  Ferry to Whidbey Island, go to Coupeville, Fort Ebey, and Deception Pass, ferry to Orcas. Night in a cabin that sits directly on a quiet beach and is backed by deep woods.  Approximate run total: 13-15 miles

Day 6:  Orcas Island. Trail runs and hikes on and around Mt. Constitution, Cascade Lake, Doe Bay.  Night back at the beachfront cabin.  Approximate total: 11 miles

Day 7:  morning run, then kayak, run, or hike.  Ferry back to the mainland, night in Edmonds.  Approximate run total 4-12 miles, depending on activities chosen

Day 8:  morning long run with hills and views, then depart.

I mean, seriously, does this not sound AMAZING?!  And the best part?  I get to write all about it!  I plan on keeping a journal throughout the trip for my own personal (and possibly blogging) records, and then use it to write the feature in CR.  This does mean, unfortunately, that I won’t be able to share my adventures with all of you loyal readers until after the feature runs in CR.

So, bon voyage, au revoir, ciao and aloha!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it when (and if – just kidding Mom!) I return!


P.S.  The Rockies just won!

5 thoughts on “Northwest-Bound!

  1. So best! I lived in Bellingham, WA briefly and have made several trips to the San Juans. I LOVE Orcas! One road, the Enchanted Forest Road, really feels like you have stepped into a fairy tale… I’m jealous. I guess I need to make a trip out there to see friends! 😉

    • It was INCREDIBLE!! Seriously the one of the best weeks of my life – AND I checked out the Enchanted Forest Road (we stayed at Beach Haven) and you’re so right – just like a fairy tail. Can’t wait to go back!!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    My fiancee and I are considering going on a Running Trip Northwest adventure this summer, and we were wondering how you liked your experience this April. Any information would be much appreciated. Good luck in your upcoming races!

    • Tally – I just returned this evening – it was one of the most AMAZING weeks of my entire life! I seriously cannot explain or describe how incredible it was – our guide, Jennifer, was great – she took us to to the most spectacular spots in the NW where we ran, hiked and explored. I’ll be writing a feature about the trip in CR soon, and then subsequently releasing trip recaps – so stay tuned! I’ll also be posting a bunch of pics to Facebook, so feel free to connect with me there. I’d also love to get you in touch with Jennifer – she was seriously the best on this trip and it wouldn’t have been so fantastic without her!

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