Letting Go

I was supposed to get in a car today and head down to Buena Vista for the Gore-Tex Transrockies Run with Ben.  Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you want – or expect them.

I have so many goals in life, and one big one just happens to be my career – so when duty calls, I must listen.  While this might mean letting others down and having to let go of other dreams I may have, I must make the decisions I feel will propel me in the right direction.

It’s already been an unforgettable season, and I’m ever-so-thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and for those that have helped me chase my dreams (literally).

And it’s not over yet – I still have three races on the docket: Creede Mountain Run, Leadking Loop, and the Bear Chase.  I have a feeling I’ll be running these with a bit of a “chip” on my shoulder.  No, not the resentful kind that nags at you, but the kind of chip that reminds you to appreciate what you have and to want to run my absolute best.

Dear Transrockies, I hope to meet you one day.  I hope to be in as good of shape, if not better, than I am now.  I hope to run your stages with my brother.  I hope to write about your awesome experience.  Transrockies, this will only make me stronger.

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