Rockies-Red Wings Doubleheader

Oh, look, a non-running post!

A couple months ago Pete and I realized that Rockies Opening Day would fall on the same day that the Red Wings would be in town.  We both gave each other the “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” look.  After chatting some more about it, we got an even crazier idea: let’s see if Big R (Pete’s Dad – a HUGE Red Wings fan – he is a RIOT!) would fly in for the doubleheader.  Alas, he said yes (after oh, 5 minutes of contemplation).

So we started making arrangements with work and Big R’s travel as well as grabbing tickets and then getting seriously giddy as the day approached.  I swear, I’m like a little kid when it comes to my sports teams: I get absurdly excited to see them, bring sharpies to the games for autographs (move over kids!) and cry when they lose.  Thankfully, Friday’s doubleheader concluded with two big wins on the day.

Rockies Opening Day

The Rox took on the Padres and defeated them (and took the series) 5-2.  After the game we headed over to Pepsi Center to prepare for the Red Wings game.  After a quick wardrobe change (had to put on my Jimmy Howard jersey,  of course) we grabbed a couple drinks and headed to the rink.

Okay, so let’s get this straight, Pete’s Dad is from Detroit and grew up a Red Wings fan.  Pete grew up with the Northstars and had to transfer alliances when they went to Dallas.  I grew up a MN Wild fan, and while I still have love for them, Pete has done a pretty darn good job in changing my allegiance to the Wings.  I mean, come on, the guy’s got posters, books, trophies, magazines, autographs, etc., and to hear him talk about them is like listening to a head coach talk about their team.  Needless to say, it’s been easy to love them myself :).

Red Wings VS Avs

The Wings finished up the third period tied with the Avs 2-2.  Going into overtime I was nervous, to put it lightly.  After a heart-wrenching 4 minutes and 45 seconds, Datsyuk scored!  WINGS WIN!!  It was the best game I’ve EVER been to.  Amazing.  Epic.  I love the Wings.

Look at that, I made it an entire blog without talking about running – woo hoo!!

Up next: a crazy travel schedule at work! 

  • April 19th – Charlotte, NC
  • April 26th – Minneapolis, MN (work and play – it’s my cousin’s wedding)
  • May 10th – Baltimore, MD
  • May 16th – Orlando, FL
  • May 29th – San Francisco, CA
  • June – TBD

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