June Training Recap: Steamboat, Minny, San Fran, Jersey and Chi-Town

June was quite a crazy month.  From work travel to training and keeping up with the Joneses, the month just flew by.  Thankfully, I was still able to get some good training in between the long flights and work meetings.

I kicked off June with the Steamboat Half Marathon on the 1st.  This was the day after a hard 50 mile ride up the course road, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I decided to push myself and just see what happens.  Probably not the best plan, but I wasn’t trying to PR and I wanted to have fun, so I figured, hey, why not.

Panorama of the views from the course

Panorama of the views from the course

After being transported to the starting line and hanging out for about an hour before the race started, I was eager to get things underway.  That hour is probably the thing I hate most about races.  The waiting and anticipation just kill me!  When the gun went off I hit the road running – fast.  This small voice in the back of my head continued to say, “Amanda, what are you doing?  You’re going to blow it!”  I just tried to ignore it and stay relaxed and strong.  My first three miles were exactly 7:30 splits.  Miles four through about seven were in the 8:00-minute range, and then I hit it – that proverbial wall that smacks you in the face when you go out too hard.  I was complete toast and I knew it, so I just tried to hang on for the rest of the race.  I didn’t even look at my watch splits at that point – I simply prayed for more aid stations with those delicious freezy-things.

You know you’re desperate in a race when you start thinking about ways to get out of it.  Every single time a car would pass – even a motorcycle or a scooter – I’d think about how I could fit inside.  I even imagined sitting on the handlebars of passing cyclists.

Nevertheless, I made it to the finish line.  Oh, and the finish line, yeesh.  You come into town and basically stare at it for what seems like endless miles – even though it’s only several blocks.  I continued to look down at my Garmin and think that there was no possible way the course was 13.1 miles, because I was at mile 12.8 – 13 and that finish line was at least a half mile away.


Finish line why are you so far away?!

You know you blow a race when you’re starting pace and your actual finishing time is off by about 12 minutes.  Yep, that’s me!  An ugly 1:51 and change, but I’ll take it!

At least I got to spend some quality time with this handsome devil!

At least I got to spend some quality time with this handsome devil!

There was a bit of a lull in training after Steamboat in terms of notable sessions and/or races.

Rockies game with Ben, Molly, Jax and Pete

Rockies game with Ben, Molly, Jax and Pete

Jackson's first baseball game!

Jackson’s first baseball game!

Fast-forward to mid-June and I’m heading to Minnesota for my cousin Jo’s wedding.  I was able to sneak an awesome run in on Saturday morning before the festivities along my favorite hometown route.

14 miles of pure bliss along Medicine Lake in the humidity and drizzle!

14 miles of pure bliss along Medicine Lake in the humidity and drizzle!

After partying the night away and celebrating Jo and Jessie, I headed to San Fran the next morning for a work trip.  Once again, I sneaked in an amazing run before the meeting that night.

14 miles of AWESOME along the San Fran coast!

14 miles of AWESOME along the San Fran coast!

The following weekend was a back-to-back high mileage cycling weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hit the mileage I wanted (I was aiming for 60-70 miles each), and ended up with 50-60 mile rides.  C’est la vie.

That Monday I headed to New Jersey for a day-trip (no swimming, biking or running was had), and that Friday I was off to Chicago for another work trip.


Taking a break from the CME action!

I returned home late Saturday and worked a bike-run session in on that Sunday.

June Playlist Additions

To be completely honest, I’m not too thrilled about my training right now (read: holy crap, I’m TOTALLY not going to be ready for this race!).  Any insight, tips or tricks on mental preparation and triathlon races is much appreciated!

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