2015 Race Schedule

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on the race schedule for this year, and am ecstatic of what’s to come!  In a recent blog post, I touched on the strategy of choosing a target race distance and training specifically for that distance.  As such, I’ve stacked my 2015 race calendar with goal races between the marathon and the 50K distance.  I selected each race for a reason, and am excited to announce them and my personal goals for each below!

*Pending registration

May 2 – Greenland 50K

I’ve run the Greenland races before (8M and 25K), but never the 50K.  I seriously LOVE this race, and I swear I’m not just being bias towards the fact that it’s a Colorado Runner race.  The event takes place at the Greenland Open Space in Larkspur, CO, just a 40-minute drive south from Denver.  The 50K consists of 4, 8-mile loops around the open space, with approximately 2,200 feet of elevation gain and loss.  Considering that, and the consistently firm and well-groomed trails, this race is “fast” compared to other ultra races.  My goal is to finish under 5 hours.

Greenland 50K Course Map & Profile

Greenland 50K Course Map & Profile

June 13 – IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder

Yes, another triathlon.  I signed up for Boulder IRONMAN 70.3 for two main reasons:

  1.  After last year’s disappointing DNF at Boulder IRONMAN, I certainly have a few demons in my closet.  While I have always returned to the scene of the crime and finished what I started (such as Silver Rush 50 and Kenosha to Breck), I’m going to swallow my pride on this one and accept the fact that for various reasons I will not be attempting the full IRONMAN distance any time soon.

  2.  Throughout my training leading up to last year’s IRONMAN, I continually thought about how the 70.3 distance may be a better fit for me.  From the length of the bike segment to the half marathon, time and time again I would think about 70.3.

I may not be going for a redemption race, but I’m sure as hell going to remove some demons in my closet and have a great time doing it!

June 20 – Leadville Trail Marathon

I’m going to divulge a little secret I’ve been keeping: I entered the Leadville 100 lottery.  After last year’s disappointments and my goal of targeting a specific race distance, I still entered the lottery.  Why?  I want to run the Leadville 100.  Should I run the Leadville 100 this year?  Apparently not.  I left it up to the fate of the lottery gods (or a random computer programming selection process), and when I received the rejection email (that’s what I’ve been calling it), I accepted that it wasn’t my year.

Nevertheless, I still want to run Leadville, 100 or not, so I decided that the Leadville Trail Marathon would be the perfect opportunity to get a great training race in leading up to the Speedgoat 50K in one of my favorite towns. My goal is to throw down a solid race and have a good time.

July 25 – Speedgoat 50K

The Speedgoat 50K is a high-profile race (i.e. lots of amazing athletes) at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah.  It’s well-known in the ultrarunning community as being one of the toughest 50K’s on the planet.  The race consists of 11,800′ of total climbing AND descending, all above 7,600′ with the majority above 9,200′.  You could say I’m treating this as my ‘A’ race, because it is quite possibly the toughest on my schedule.

Speedgoat 50K Race Profile

Speedgoat 50K Race Profile

Note from the RD: Start training now……cuz’ it’s gonna hurt!

August 15 – Pikes Peak Ascent & August 16 – Pikes Peak Marathon

Minutes before the gun went off before the 2013 Pikes Peak Marathon, I looked at Pete and asked him what in the hell I was doing.  I also told him, 8 hours later, that I would never do that race again.  Let’s be honest, I think all runners say those types of things and then realize that it was quite possibly the most amazing race ever.  Yep, that was me with Pikes Peak.  As such, I’ll be returning this year in even bigger form by taking on “The Double:” the Pikes Peak Ascent on Saturday morning and the Pikes Peak Marathon on Sunday.  My goal is first and foremost, to finish both races.  Secondarily, I’d like to set a new PB in the marathon.

Icing my knees after the 2013 Pikes Peak Marathon

Icing my knees after the 2013 Pikes Peak Marathon

September 7 – American Discovery Trail Marathon*

My current marathon PR stands at 3:52:24, set at the 2011 American Discovery Trail Marathon.  I was on pace that day to go sub 3:45, but completely bonked at mile 18 and shuffled across the finish line, still setting a PR.  I added this race to the calendar this year to shoot for a PR in the marathon, as in the past few years I haven’t focused on 26.2, and I’d like to see if it fits well with other training and races on the calendar.

September 26 – Bear Chase 50K*

I’m capping off the season with my favorite race: The Bear Chase, and in going with the season’s theme will be signing up for the 50K.  The last time I ran the Bear Chase 50K was in 2011.  It was one of the hardest races I’ve ever had; I’ve actually deemed it “Murphy’s Race” because it seemed that everything that could have gone wrong in that race did.  Surprisingly, I finished 15th overall female and 2nd in my AG, with a not-so-impressive 5:50:43 finishing time.

Finishing "Murphy's Race"

Finishing “Murphy’s Race”

My goal for this year’s race is to go sub-5 hours, just like Greenland.  Also like Greenland, the Bear Chase has a similar amount of climbing and descending (2,175′ gain and loss).  I’m hopeful for a solid race and finishing time to end the season.

The Bear Chase 50K Map &  Course Profile

The Bear Chase 50K Map & Course Profile

Is anyone else planning on running any of these races?  I haven’t solidified my training schedule yet, but do know that there will be quite a few long trail and mountain runs that are always more fun with a friend.  Another goal I have for 2015 is to make more personal connections in the running community.  Historically, I’ve been a solo runner, but lately I’ve realized the benefits that come with running with others.  I’m looking forward to a year of adventures spent with friends and the amazing outdoors!  Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2015!

*Pending registration

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