Taos, Why Not?

I would like to say I shot out of bed when my alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning but I didn’t.  I slowly raised myself up and wondered why I was set to wake up so early in the first place.  Then it hit me, I had a plan that involved me driving 5 hours into another state so I may ride, hike and exhaust myself just to drive 5 hours back that same day.  I smiled and figured why not, why not take a trip that defines what it means to push your limits.  I was headed to Taos, New Mexico.  I had planned on going to Taos the week prior but fell under the weather.  I packed all my gear into the truck and started on my way.  It was too early for the Denver morning rush hour traffic, I was lucky to have missed it.  I always love to drive past all the people going to work and hope they see my snowboard perched atop my vehicle.  I hope they see it and wonder where he is headed off to on a Tuesday.  GET A JOB! is what I imagine they would yell.  I would be driving down through most of the state and falling through the bottom of Colorado into New Mexico where I had heard of this great ski area.  It seems a little nuts to drive so far for so little, but when you think about what adventures lay before it stirs the spirit.

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